Bubble & Tea makes for a fun and unique venue for your next event.


Wedding - Bulk Order

The quality and taste of the drinks are strictly controlled by our staff. We not only freshly make the drinks but also provide the free delivery service and free wedding gift to the venue. Per the customer’s requirement, we’re happy to do adjustment to meet the customer’s expectation.


School Fundraiser - Special Price

Bubble & Tea would love to help support our neighborhood school club or non-profit organization!  We will donate 30% of the order quantity up to our current capacity limit.  Please simply call us and we will help get your fundraising up in no time.


Social Events - Corporation

We’d love to corporate with various organizations, such as non-profit organization, school club, advertisement agency & etc to develop our brand and let more people get to know us. It’s vital to build a good relationship with more business, which is win-win for both sides. Let us know if you want to collaborate with Bubble & Tea.


Party & Seminar - Customized Drink

Our quality drinks are not limited to the menu items, as we has some secret menu items, which fits various holiday theme.  Plus, our experienced team is able to help you with your creative idea about some customized items, such as Halloween Bloody Drink, Anniversary Love Popcorn & etc.


Bubble & Tea makes for a fun and unique venue for your next event.

Plenty Parking Space is available in the lot behind our building.

Flexible Hours: Please call 626-623-3225 to arrange

Bring in your own food and beverages, and decide if you like, we can keep the café open just for you and your guests.

We can also provide breakfast pastries and coffee at additional costs, or you can bring in your own food and beverage.

• Open and bright 600 square feet coffee shop area
• Many delicious beverages
• Free Wi-Fi & plenty of electrical outlets
• In-ceiling Music System that can connect to your mobile device via WIFI
• Large LED TV for event presentation

Extra Service Available

• PA speaker system with 4 input channels for mini-concert or special event presentation
• Livestream to the internet or social media is also available

Contact Us

If you are not satisfied with our products, our friendly employees are more than happy to make you a new one. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or feedback about us. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we want our customers to enjoy every product we provide.